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Welcome to Data Cavalry Canada

We are supporting Canadian Business in Cyber & Privacy

Data Cavalry Canada is a part of the European Data Compliance Group and a Authorised Provider of Canada Cyber-Safe Accreditation Scheme

Our Mission is to provide exemplar knowledge, experience,  Services and products that improve the overall security posture in data privacy and Cybersecurity for our Canadian Business clients to ensure they are Cyber-Safe and Data Privacy Compliant.
  • Unity: We are strongest when we work together as a team.
  • Integrity: We are trustworthy and act in good faith.
  • Empathy: We care about all of our stakeholders.
  • Long-Term View: We look beyond the present to deliver value.
  • Agility: We challenge the status quo with open minds
  • Respect: our social and physical environment in Canada
  • Environment: Collaborate in ensuring a future for our youth

Our Vision is to make an inter-connect Canada Cyber and data privacy Centric safe and aware. We want our fellow Canadians to feel online safe and secure at home and at work and aware of their security environment. We want to ensure every business in Canada is 'Canada Cyber-safe' by choosing the secure journey

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Why Us?

Data Cavalry Canada has a wealth of subject matter experts with extensive experience in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy with International expertise. Our Talent is exemplar in ensuring your business becomes cyber-safe and Data privacy compliant to the Canadian Federal, Provincial and Municipal legislation, as well as your International obligations to European Citizen data with EU GDPR or US HIPAA. Let us protect your business, employees and clients through exemplar cyber & data privacy Governance, risk Management and Compliance.

Data Cavalry Canada has a wealth of expertise in Privacy notices and how we can ensure your business has a compliant privacy notice that is clear, succint and legal. Whatever personal information you collect from users may only be used for the express purpose for which it was collected and nothing more. Any additional use outside the original scope requires further consent from the user. Also, users must be assured that the information collector (the business, the website, the mobile app) will reasonably protect their information. Any commercial activity that uses, collects, or discloses some kind of personal information is covered by the regulations of the PIPEDA Act in Canada. Commercial activity means any particular transaction, act, conduct, or any regular course of conduct that is commercial in character, including selling, bartering or leasing of donor, membership or fundraising lists. This would inherently include websites, mobile apps, Facebook apps, desktop apps. If these platforms are operated in any of those capacities specified, it's covered by the Canada's Act.

In Canada, the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) regulates the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in the private sector. "Personal information" is broadly defined in the Act as any "information about an identifiable individual," whether public or private, with limited exceptions.

PIPEDA applies to federal works, undertakings and businesses, and to private sector organizations that collect, use or disclose personal information in the course of commercial activities in provinces that do not have substantially similar legislation. PIPEDA's application to personal employee information is limited to organizations that are federal works, undertakings and businesses. Examples of these organizations include:.

Data Cavalry can provide confidence and benchmarking for your business leadership through regular Audit and Gap Analysis. Internal & External Auditing gives you the governance to understand how your business is performing and operating within your parameters of your business objectives and its compliance. Data cavalry can perform bespoke gap analysis that will evaluate and report to what your business needs to meet requirements such as cyber & data privacy controls, PCI-DSS credit card requirements, your information security environment and security posture. If your business is unsure of your current security or quality ability then getting Data Cavalry to perform a Gap Analysis will be beneficial to your organisations performance, compliance , resourcing and cost effectiveness. Covid has also introduced new risk into business through Remote working and we can perform Remote workers vulnerability and Risk gap analysis.
Data Cavalry has a exemplar history is providing high value training and education to your business through a Hybrid approach to training and awareness through online and on-site workshops. We can provide training on cybersecurity awareness, social engineering, ransomware, phishing , data privacy, data protection, Board member Governance and quality management. Our training is given by Key subject Matter Experts, who have had International experience and the ability to influence the education for positive change and meeting compliance requirements.
Canada Cyber Safe is the National Cyber & Data Privacy Accreditation scheme for Canadian Business to ensure a Standard Baseline of security in their Business. Canada Cyber Safe ensures that Cyber policy, controls, vulnerability assessments and data privacy controls are in place to ensure an exemplar security environment and posture. Data Cavalry ensure the implementation and support of Canada Cyber-Safe takes an integrated approach into your business. This will protect you business from ransomware, cyber attacks, reputational data breach and protect your employee and client data privacy. Canada Cyber-safe ensures that Federal PIPEDA data privacy framework is compliant as well as PIPEDA variations at Provincial and municipal are adhered. Canada Cyber-safe also integrates EU GDPR for Canadian business that process or store European Citizen personal data under EU GDPR. It also integrates HIPAA for US Data privacy in Healthcare environments. Canada Cyber-safe is a perfect Cyber & Data privacy framework for all Canadian Business located anywhere in the world to provide exemplar protection to Business and their Personal data.
Data Cavalry has extensive experience in implementing and managing the whole process of ISO27001 , ISO22301 and ISO9001 into any size of organisation. ISO Standards are 'Best Practice' and it is extremely beneficial to have an ISO standard as a framework within your organisation.  Our ISO27001, ISO22301 and ISO9001 teams are subject matter experts in their fields information security, Business Continuity & Disaster recovery and Quality to the respective ISO Standard. Data Cavalry have knowledge and experience to implement ISO standards succintly and cost effectively to ensure your organisation gets ISO certified snd maintains that certification process for the benefit of your business. ISO27001 - is the standard for information security management system, ISO22301 - is the standard for Business continuity and disaster recovery, ISO9001 is the standard for quality management system.


Our Client Says..

Data Cavarly Canada is part of the Data Compliance Group and we pride ourselves on diversity and equality with ensuring that we listen with empathy to our clients requirements. Being a part of the Data Compliance Group gives us extensive European Data Protection and Privacy expertise to share with our Canadian Clients.

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