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Canadian Privacy & Cybersecurity

Privacy Legislation

Privacy Legislation in Canada can be daunting to business. The Privacy Act relates to personal data that the Government of Canada holds on data subjects. PIPEDA relates to business that holds personal data on data subjects and the requirements. we can support you business directly. We can assist your company on this journey with our privacy officers.

ISO Accreditation 

To compete and operate with 'Best Practice' in the global industry and Canadian Government formal  contract tenders Companies need to show that they are compliant. By selecting ISO27001 (Information Security), ISO9001 (Quality), ISO22301 (Business Continuity) or ISO14001 (Environmental) - We can get your Business accredited with ISO.

Canada Cyber-Safe Scheme

Canada Cyber-Safe is the Canadian Business National Cyber & Privacy Accreditation scheme that assists Canadian Business in protection of their Business from Cyber attacks and ensuring their staff have all the policy , tools and training to be successful in privacy and cyber.


Cybersecurity is a very broad term and we ensure that we support your business with the right consultancy advice , cyber controls and cyber services that are cost effective but aligned to your business needs only. We take an integrated approach to Cybersecurity to ensure your assets and business are protected.

How Data Cavalry Canada can support your Canadian business



Data Cavalry can support your Canadian business directly as your data subject matter expert or provide ad-hoc services that will provide 'added value' protection and security enhancement to your business.


Privacy Notices

Privacy Policy 

We can assist in preparing your Privacy notice and policy to be compliant with your business, data gathering and your data subjects. Our team can provide 24/365 day telephone privacy support to your clients.



PIPEDA Consultancy

As a Canadian business it is mandatory to be compliant to PIPEDA and ensure your business has the relevant policy, process and training aligning to PIPEDA legislation. We can provide full or ad-hoc support and providing all the required policy and process.

Canada Cyber Safe

Canada Cyber Safe Scheme

The Canadian National Accreditation scheme ensures a standard baseline level of cybersecurity with data protection & privacy across Canada's business organisations. Built upon the success of International Frameworks as EU GDPR, HIPAA & NIST  




Data Cavalry can provide your Business our subject matter experts to get your business to achieve PCI Compliance for credit card compliance, United States HIPAA Compliance or EU GDPR Compliant. We can also provide other international accreditation. Our subject matter experts can provide a full implementation and on-going support.



ISO Standards Accreditations

If your business needs to implement and successfully achieve ISO27001 (Information Security), ISO9001 (Quality). ISO22301 (Business Continuity) or ISO14001 (Environmental) - then we can provide a cost effective full service from start to certification. We achieve 100% Success

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Cybersecurity Experts

Our Cyber team can provide an extensive range of Cyber services, products and consultancy. We can provide Penetration testing , OWASP Testing, Social Engineering investigation and implementing controls and hardening on your business IT Environment. We can provide bespoke training on all aspects of Privacy or cybersecurity.



Our Client Says..

Data Cavarly Canada is part of the European Data Compliance Group and we pride ourselves on diversity and equality with ensuring that we listen with empathy to our clients requirements. Being a part of the Data Compliance Group gives us extensive European Data Protection and Privacy expertise to share with our Canadian Clients

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Data Cavalry Canada Popular Services

Data Cavalry can provide many services to our clients ranging from specific information Audit to employee cybersecurity or awareness training. Please check out our services on the main menu above for more details;

Canada Cyber Safe
Achieve Accreditation

Achieve Canada Cyber Safe and protect and secure your business with Canada's only Cybersecurity & privacy Accreditation scheme. Designed to ensure your business is protected and compliant.

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Time for a gap analysis or Audit of your capability...

Are you not sure of what your current cybersecurity or Privacy capability is ? or do you need an idea of your vulnerabilities of your business and staff ? We can complete Gap Analysis or Full bespoke Audits for your business and support the journey.

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Achieve Compliance

We can provide full compliance to PIPEDA, EU GDPR, HIPAA and PCI-DSS to ensure your business achieves and maintains compliance and ensure your business governance is at the highest level. We provide all Policy, Documentation, Advice and Audits.

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Data Cavalry Canada is the Leading thought consultants on NET-ZERO and how we can get your business to engage and report correctly. We can provide NET-ZERO Services and Advice.

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Data Cavalry Canada is the Leading Environmental, Social and Governance consultants with leading thought subject matter experts with experience in making your business become E.S.G exemplar.

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